In Prototype Testing Stage

  • Prototype Testing

To ensure we meet all market expectations, we use the latest technologies while we develop our great AnTraker product. It is a tracking device that will enable livestock owners to track their cattle whenever and wherever they want. Design phase has already been completed. We are currently developing and testing our prototype. As soon as we ensure the product meets all requirements, we will launch it.

AnTraker device is built on 3 pillars:

  • It shall have tracking ability nationwide, so that lost cattle can be located.
  • Longer battery lifetime is key to livestock owners. 1 year battery time is fundemantal for the device.
  • Device needs to be affordable for livestock owners.



We are doing our best to accelerate the development process and deliver AnTraker product to the market as soon as possible, without compromising quality and greatness. Hence, we will solve the pain of thousands of livestock owners.

Our passion is to help and we aim to do it in May 2019.

Pricing Model

This is another challenge for livestock owners that they cannot find affordable tracking device in the market. The ones in the market are either expensive if they have long-lasting battery life or very short re-charging period, if they have affordable prices.

While we develop our AnTraker, we had to consider this main factor, hence we came up with affordable fees. There will be no device charge, but only monthly fees.

Device Monthly Fee
Cost $ 0 $ X

To be able to secure the order, we will charge 4 Months deposit initially. After delivery, your monthly fees will start after 4 months. This means no fee during the first 4 months.

Initial First 4 Months After 4 Months
Payment $ 4X $ 0 $ X / month