AnTraker solves 3 main challenges

Finding Lost Livestock

  • Tracking ability
  • Theft detection mechanism

Long Battery Life

  • >1 year battery life

Affordable Price

  • Reasonable price level
  • Monthly fee model


  • For Cattles

    AnTraker is designed for your big friends. It can be used for any kind of cattle, such as cows, oxen, bulls, calves or even for buffalos.

  • Ensure Safety

    One of fundamental goals of AnTraker is to keep your cattle safe. According to police records in NSW in Australia, there were 2650 cattle reported stolen in 2017, with a value of $2.8M. In South Africa, value goes even higher with 13K stolen cattle, as 70% farmers experienced crimes and most commonly stock theft. Reported cases to police has declined significantly since 2011, even though livestock theft cases have been in increase of 2%. In 2016, only 29.3% of theft cases were reported to South African Police Service which is in decrease of 3%, according to Stats SA. The reason of not reporting can be seen as farwers have lost faith and hope for recovery.

  • Theft Detection

  • 70%
    targeted farmers by stock theft
    in South Africa
    stolen cattle in South Africa
    in 2017/18
    valued cattle stolen in Australia in 2017
  • Track Wherever They Go!

    Another reason of losing livestock is remote areas. Animals might get stuck in danger zones or get out of your line-of-sight.

    AnTraker can locate where your cattle is, even in remote areas. It will give you a peace in mind, while your big friend is enjoying the nature. You can also set virtual boundaries by GeoFence feature. As long as your animal goes out of this zone, you will receive an alert.

  • GPS Tracking

    Global Coverage


  • Long Lasting Battery

    With its innovative technologies used to develop, AnTraker does not require any battery replacement for more than 1 year. Battery life has been the biggest challenge for tracking devices, as they require re-charging daily or every few days at longest. We use all engineering mindset to design a device that lasts more than 1 year without a need of re-charging. Simply connect it on your livestock and start using it without any worry.

  • >1 year

  • Joy in Water

    Let your cattle enjoy the water! AnTraker has a water-proof design concept. You can still know where your friend is, while it is bathing to enjoy its day.

  • water-Proof

Tracking your livestock is just the beginning of our story.
With more data over time, you can learn more about your cattle and improve its health as well as keeping it safe.